From the back room of their small family owned shoe shop in the heart of Osaka's Shinsekai district the Sawano brothers, Yoshiaki and Minoru, share their passion for Jazz music. After decades of collecting vinyl LPs the founding of a record label seemed like a natural progression, and so, in 1998 the Atelier Sawano label was born. Keeping in the tradition of the Japanese artisan, where handcraftsmanship and attention to detail are ones greatest concern, the Altelier Sawano label prides itself on quality.

In the era of digital downloads Atelier Sawano seeks to preserve the sanctity of the 'music album' as a physical object. Whether the album is released on CD, or as part of the analog LP series, the artwork, packaging, feel, and track running order are all given careful consideration.

Producing new recordings by talented but often little known musicians and selecting vintage albums for reissue the Atelier Sawano catalog is varied and it grows as each month passes; united by the motto "to only release music oneself would like to listen to."

Sawano Kohboh

  1-21-16 Ebisuhigashi
Naniwa-ku Osaka JAPAN 566-0002
Tel. +81-6-6641-5015 (Japanese Only)

Open Hours 10:00 to 17:00
Closed on Tuesday & Friday